15 November 2010

Vampires - Back in Love

I've been meaning to talk on this subject for a while now and sense I don't want to rant about work today (I would just end up using a lot of...bad words to describe it :P ).


There are dozens upon dozens of vampire-like stories in myths across different cultures. Humans have always had a sense of fear to the unknown and, thus, told stories (via mouth) of monsters--again, many of which were vampire-like. So, you can say it's only natural to at least acknowledge such a lore.

Then came along Bram Stoker with his Dracula (the somewhat feminine vampire). He could shape-shift and had powers of seduction--you know, the regular stuff. And, viola, vampires are popular.

And then, after a while, vampires kind of faded with a bit of literature and films related to the theme but nothing dramatic, really.

Of course, like all fads, vampires have re-emerged into popularity. You know, mainly set off by Twilight--the (in my case) not real vampires because, really, what kind of vampire is a vampire who is a DIAMOND but ironically can be BROKEN by [were]wolf's teeth?? In any case, there has been an increased amount of books, mostly young adult based around vampirism.

But, let me point out this: Our youth are EMO (no offense). I mean, I'll admit I'm a fanatic for fantasy and whatnot and I think it would totally awesome for some things to be real. But, even I have my limitations. I have a few younger friends who think they're life is sooo hard because of all the hormones raging in their little teenage bodies (again, no offense) and want a way out of their "hard" life. So, they turn to the awesome world of Twilight and want to be turned into a vampire so they can meet a guy like Edward and live happily ever after (for eternity). I cry at hearing kids say this. Plus side: At least they're not talking about suicide. Down side: They want to be like Twilight vampires.

Is there anything you've seen through the recently regained popularity of vampires?? Anything you like/hate about it?

14 November 2010

The Great Disappointed Search

Here I am again at about midnight-ish where I live.

So, today, I've been thinking about zombies and that then turns me to thinking about werewolves (mainly because of me editing couple of essays of a classmate that talks of zombies). And you know, I have nothing against zombies or a zombie apocolypse but I really don't like the idea of being eaten alive. This, of course, also applies to werewolves; however, (with a co-worker's comment)  I've come more to a compromise with these mythical beasts to the sense that if (and only IF!) the werewolf only bit me once or gave a little scratch, I'd be okay with it. But, I mean, seriously...What's the changes a HUNGRY werewolf would stop at that?

Now, don't get me wrong. I may not like the idea of zombies werewolves, but I do enjoy a good fantasy movie. There are a bunch of zombie movies, as you may well be aware of, like Resident Evil (which is totally awesome). And if you go beyond the whole "physically impossible" thing about zombies, the whole idea of [American cinema based] zombie is pretty straight and narrow. Not much to screw up on, really. So, there are a bunch of good zombie movies.

However, my real problem is with a good werewolf movie. I mean, you'd think there would be a decent movie somewhere. Nope. I've watched a lot of werewolf movies I could find. Even the book that I loved and was turned into a movie, "Blood and Chocolate". The book was great for a young adult. Movie? Not so much because of having read the book first, I had high expectations and was sadly mislead. Both were EXTREMELY different and it ruined the whole plot.

I guess, really, my problem lies with the whole "shifting" part of werewolves. It's kind of hard for me to explain any better than that. It's pretty sad...

The werewolf movies I thought that were not a waste of my time:

1. Gingersnaps
2. I was a teenage werewolf (it was pretty silly)
3. The Howling
4. Silver Bullet (based on Stephen King, so what can I say?)
5. Never Cry Werewolf

Yeah, a short list for a huge disappointment. These are only based on strictly werewolf movies, because I thought it was unfair to include "partial" werewolf plots in amazing movies. Still on the prowl for a really, super amazing werewolf movie (preferably for a new one to make its way to the theatres)

A very depressing night tonight.

13 November 2010

Crazy Times Alone with Myself

Yeah, like the title states, I am currently alone by myself in my apartment at night, which would currently be about 11:30 p.m. where I live...Did I mention I'm alone? By myself...All alone...

BUT, I'm innocent--for the most part.

Right now, I'm watching T.V. (set on cartoon network) and Fullmetal Alchemist. I have a bunch of anime I'm attempting to watch but I got bored (like usual) and started to rewatch Fullmetal Alchemist. So, like every normal fan girl, there are a couple characters or situations that I have only one thing to say: "OMG! I totally wish that INSERT PERSON/THING HERE was real!" I would be paranoid if I think I was the ONLY person who thought this way, but I'm not. Only because I know I'm not the only one (proof=friends) ;) Admit it.

That plus the fact that I'm weird a somewhat writer who writes mostly on fantasy type stories (and it's one of my favorite genres), I'm in a constant mind of weird things like Fullmetal Alchemist (which is awesome) and other stuff like that. So, I think certain characters or things (NOT zombie/werewolves, please!) would TOTALLY be amazing if they came true.

In the case of Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy Mustang (eep!) and...well, the whole "magic" sense of alchemy that the anime presents. In comparison to real alchemy which is more around the lines of chemistry and nothing like clapping your hands together and touching them to the ground or whatever and making the rare materials change in a blue or red light.

Oh, and to continue my mindless-midnight-ish (it's now 11:40 PM) rambling, I want to say a few other things/characters I would simply scream for (yes, scream--why? I don't know):

1. Sherrilyn Kenyon's world of Dark-Hunters
2. Ability to fly
3. The Uncreation of the Twilight Vampires (ah, the first book was good, though...)
4. An actual hot guy on this island.... (for eye candy only, of course ;) )

Okay, I'm off for now, so let me ask a question for whoever stumbles upon my little blog: What would you want to be real of anything that's fiction (except for zombies and werewolves!)?

11 November 2010

Fan Boy Crazes...Yeah, right

So, seeing as this is my very first post in this blog I thought I'd start it with a subject that seems to be popular...I think.

Justin Bieber....

Okay, let me put this out there: I have nothing against Justin Bieber whatsoever. However, I guess I just don't get all the hype about this teenager sensation. Now, I don't want any preteen girls telling me he's sooo dreamy or hot or whatever...

1. He's not cute--Let's get back to that topic when he actually reaches puberty and gains at least 5-7 years.
2. He's not all that good of a singer--I'm not saying I can do better, but he's pretty much standard, nothing over-the-top.
3. Something about him annoys me

Ah, yes, I feel a lot better after saying that. Oh, and if you were wondering what brought this on because you've probably heard all this from other people who dislike this Bieber guy. Well, blame South Park. I was watching it last night and they had an episode featuring "Coon and Friends", a comic book hero parody. To give away the plot (of course), Coon (Eric Cartman) goes on a path with a demon (forget his name) to fight for the "greater good" and goes to a Justin Bieber concert to kill the teen and his fans. I was thinking at that moment, "I can't believe they just killed him >.<!" I thought it was a pretty funny episodes overall.

So, my question is: What is so great/horrible about Justin Bieber?? Comments = love!