14 November 2010

The Great Disappointed Search

Here I am again at about midnight-ish where I live.

So, today, I've been thinking about zombies and that then turns me to thinking about werewolves (mainly because of me editing couple of essays of a classmate that talks of zombies). And you know, I have nothing against zombies or a zombie apocolypse but I really don't like the idea of being eaten alive. This, of course, also applies to werewolves; however, (with a co-worker's comment)  I've come more to a compromise with these mythical beasts to the sense that if (and only IF!) the werewolf only bit me once or gave a little scratch, I'd be okay with it. But, I mean, seriously...What's the changes a HUNGRY werewolf would stop at that?

Now, don't get me wrong. I may not like the idea of zombies werewolves, but I do enjoy a good fantasy movie. There are a bunch of zombie movies, as you may well be aware of, like Resident Evil (which is totally awesome). And if you go beyond the whole "physically impossible" thing about zombies, the whole idea of [American cinema based] zombie is pretty straight and narrow. Not much to screw up on, really. So, there are a bunch of good zombie movies.

However, my real problem is with a good werewolf movie. I mean, you'd think there would be a decent movie somewhere. Nope. I've watched a lot of werewolf movies I could find. Even the book that I loved and was turned into a movie, "Blood and Chocolate". The book was great for a young adult. Movie? Not so much because of having read the book first, I had high expectations and was sadly mislead. Both were EXTREMELY different and it ruined the whole plot.

I guess, really, my problem lies with the whole "shifting" part of werewolves. It's kind of hard for me to explain any better than that. It's pretty sad...

The werewolf movies I thought that were not a waste of my time:

1. Gingersnaps
2. I was a teenage werewolf (it was pretty silly)
3. The Howling
4. Silver Bullet (based on Stephen King, so what can I say?)
5. Never Cry Werewolf

Yeah, a short list for a huge disappointment. These are only based on strictly werewolf movies, because I thought it was unfair to include "partial" werewolf plots in amazing movies. Still on the prowl for a really, super amazing werewolf movie (preferably for a new one to make its way to the theatres)

A very depressing night tonight.

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