11 November 2010

Fan Boy Crazes...Yeah, right

So, seeing as this is my very first post in this blog I thought I'd start it with a subject that seems to be popular...I think.

Justin Bieber....

Okay, let me put this out there: I have nothing against Justin Bieber whatsoever. However, I guess I just don't get all the hype about this teenager sensation. Now, I don't want any preteen girls telling me he's sooo dreamy or hot or whatever...

1. He's not cute--Let's get back to that topic when he actually reaches puberty and gains at least 5-7 years.
2. He's not all that good of a singer--I'm not saying I can do better, but he's pretty much standard, nothing over-the-top.
3. Something about him annoys me

Ah, yes, I feel a lot better after saying that. Oh, and if you were wondering what brought this on because you've probably heard all this from other people who dislike this Bieber guy. Well, blame South Park. I was watching it last night and they had an episode featuring "Coon and Friends", a comic book hero parody. To give away the plot (of course), Coon (Eric Cartman) goes on a path with a demon (forget his name) to fight for the "greater good" and goes to a Justin Bieber concert to kill the teen and his fans. I was thinking at that moment, "I can't believe they just killed him >.<!" I thought it was a pretty funny episodes overall.

So, my question is: What is so great/horrible about Justin Bieber?? Comments = love!

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