15 November 2010

Vampires - Back in Love

I've been meaning to talk on this subject for a while now and sense I don't want to rant about work today (I would just end up using a lot of...bad words to describe it :P ).


There are dozens upon dozens of vampire-like stories in myths across different cultures. Humans have always had a sense of fear to the unknown and, thus, told stories (via mouth) of monsters--again, many of which were vampire-like. So, you can say it's only natural to at least acknowledge such a lore.

Then came along Bram Stoker with his Dracula (the somewhat feminine vampire). He could shape-shift and had powers of seduction--you know, the regular stuff. And, viola, vampires are popular.

And then, after a while, vampires kind of faded with a bit of literature and films related to the theme but nothing dramatic, really.

Of course, like all fads, vampires have re-emerged into popularity. You know, mainly set off by Twilight--the (in my case) not real vampires because, really, what kind of vampire is a vampire who is a DIAMOND but ironically can be BROKEN by [were]wolf's teeth?? In any case, there has been an increased amount of books, mostly young adult based around vampirism.

But, let me point out this: Our youth are EMO (no offense). I mean, I'll admit I'm a fanatic for fantasy and whatnot and I think it would totally awesome for some things to be real. But, even I have my limitations. I have a few younger friends who think they're life is sooo hard because of all the hormones raging in their little teenage bodies (again, no offense) and want a way out of their "hard" life. So, they turn to the awesome world of Twilight and want to be turned into a vampire so they can meet a guy like Edward and live happily ever after (for eternity). I cry at hearing kids say this. Plus side: At least they're not talking about suicide. Down side: They want to be like Twilight vampires.

Is there anything you've seen through the recently regained popularity of vampires?? Anything you like/hate about it?

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